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Skin Care Related Issues
Q: What are the types of skin types?
A:Generally speaking, skin quality can be roughly divided into the following 4 categories:
  1. Neutral skin: The amount of oil secretion of the skin and the water content of epidermal cells present a uniform and balanced state, which is a healthy skin.
  2. Dry skin: The skin's moisture content is low, which is prone to dry skin.
  3. Oily skin: It refers to the oily skin, which is easy to produce oily, acne and make-up removal.
  4. Mixed skin type: Different parts of the face have different skin quality characteristics. Generally, the T-shaped part is oily skin, and the cheek part is normal or dry skin.

Q: Can I use the mask immediately when my skin is very dry?
A: When the skin is dry, it is recommended to clean the skin first, and then use lotion or essence to soothe the skin before using the mask to avoid skin irritation, redness and other adverse effects.

Q: Which makeup product is less harmful to the skin?
   A: In terms of the mildness of the makeup remover
  • Makeup remover is better than makeup remover
  • Cleansing water is better than cleansing oil
Q: How can I have healthy skin?
A: Good living habits make you have good skin
  1. Wash your face with warm water
  2. Clean your skin
  3. Wipe isolation without makeup
  4. Do a good job of sun protection
  5. Choose suitable beauty and skin care products according to your own skin
  6. Maintain a normal life schedule
Q: Is the moisturizing effect of lotion limited?
A: It is true that the moisturizing effect of lotion is limited, mainly because most of the ingredients of lotion are water, and the concentration of moisturizing ingredients is very small, so the moisturizing effect is limited. It is recommended to use it with lotion, essence and other skin care products.

Q: The weather is so cold, should I use hot water to clean my facial skin?
A: Not right. Washing your face with hot water will destroy sebum and make the epidermal skin less water-retaining. It is recommended to use slightly cold water at 20°C.



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