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Foreign Purchase Issues
Q:What should I pay attention to when ordering overseas?
  • When ordering goods, the ordering person must clearly understand the relevant import laws and regulations of the country and region where he is located and the prohibited goods. If the ordered goods are confiscated, the company will not be liable. The company is also unable to refund the payment for goods, postage, handling fees and other expenses for the above reasons.
  • The recipient of the order must fill in the real name and contact information on the identity certificate. Incomplete information may cause the package to fail to be delivered or receive.
Q:How to deal with overseas orders if there are tariffs?
 A: According to the relevant regulations of the country of purchase, import duties, value-added tax, customs clearance fees, etc. may be imposed, and the orderer (when the orderer and the consignee are different, the consignee) will bear the actual expenses. And the local delivery company directly collects related fees.

Q:How long will it take to receive the goods after the order payment is completed?
A: Direct mail adopts international airmail EMS, which will be delivered to your designated receiving location as quickly as possible in the shortest time.

Q:How to calculate the international postage for overseas orders?
   A: At present, the international postage of China, Hong Kong and Macau are included in the product price. As long as the order is full of the free shipping amount, no additional international postage will be charged.

Q:Precautions for overseas returns and exchanges?
  • In accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers enjoy the 7-day appreciation period (including holidays) when the goods arrive
  • If the product loses its resale value due to lack of integrity after being opened or used, it cannot be returned or exchanged
  • Please send the goods back within 7 days after receiving the goods
  • Customized products cannot be returned or exchanged. Please purchase before ordering
  • If due to personal factors, such as purchase errors, non-compliance with requirements, etc., the customer must bear the freight, and please contact us first. After the return application is approved, please send the product back by EMS or air parcel within 3 days
  • The refund will be processed by swiping the card, the shipping fee cannot be refunded



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