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Q: How to use the mask?
A: Before applying the mask, you should clean your facial skin (remove makeup, wash your face) to facilitate the absorption of the mask and prevent dirt and dust from entering the pores. After cleaning the skin, use toner to moisturize the skin and then apply the mask. No need to clean again.

Q: How often should I use the mask? Each time?
A:Use it once every 2~3 days, about 10 minutes each time.
Q:Do I need to clean my face after using the mask?
A:Our facial mask products do not need to be cleaned after use.
Q:Can I use the mask for allergic sensitive skin?
A:It is recommended to use a soothing mask for allergies, or test on the skin for allergies before using it.
Q:Why sometimes there is a slight tingling sensation after applying the mask?
A: The possible reasons are:
1. The face is extremely dehydrated, causing the skin to be dry and tight, even peeling, so be sure to use lotion and other moisturizing skin before applying the mask;
2. If there is a strong irritation or even partial redness, it may be that the mask is not suitable for the skin, and the style can be changed;
3. Seasonal changes, temperature differences, etc. may also make skin sensitive.
Q: What should I pay attention to when using beauty products?
A: Matters needing attention when using the product:
  1. For external use only, please avoid eyes or wounds. If you accidentally touch your eyes, please rinse immediately with water
  2. Before use, please do a local skin test and confirm that there is no irritation or discomfort before use. If your skin feels uncomfortable during use, please stop using it immediately and ask your doctor
  3. Please use immediately after opening
  4. Please keep it out of reach of children.
  5. Please store in a cool and dry place
Q:What should I do if I have acnes with products such as serums and moisturizers?
A:If acne occurs during use, it is recommended to suspend use and wait until the acne disappears before using it. If the same condition occurs again after use, it is possible that the skin is not suitable for this skin care product, and you can replace it with other skin care products.



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